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Soulja Boy Reportedly Wiped His Tears With Hundred-Dollar Bills At BET Awards

Clearly, the 2012 BET Awards was the biggest, best, and most well put together show that the network has had in some time. That being said, when you pack the place with rappers and pseudo-celebrities there is bound to be some fawkery that rears its ugly head, and in this case that fawkery came in the form of Soulja Boy and his boo-thang Diamond. According to Bossip sources, Soulja Boy was acting like a true groupie as he pleaded and begged other celebs that would walk past his seat to take pictures with him. A$AP Rocky, Busta Rhymes, Donnie Simpson, Big Sean, Roscoe Dash, Diddy’s son Q, and several others all became victims of SB’s “Instagram Stan” behavior.

But the bullisht didn’t end there.

After seeing Jay-Z and Kanye West sipping champagne in the front row, Diamond lamented the fact that they didn’t bring in a bottle of their own to enjoy while watching the show. HOwever, Soulja Boy, being a man of action, was overheard proclaiming that “If Hov and ‘Ye up there sippin’ then sheeeeeeit, I need to go to da’ cotdamn bar and get me one of dem thangs too”.

Later, upon realizing that all the picture-taking had chipped away at his phone battery, Soulja Boy was then heard complaining that he couldn’t post his new photogenic co-signs on Instagram and began to panic. Luckily he has a good woman by his side that would do anything to please her man. Diamond caught the attention of a BET staff member and asked if she could fetch her an iPhone charger for her boo (Where the HELL she was going to plug it up, we have no idea). Upon being told “no”, Diamond was overheard by Bossip eyewitnesses saying “I’m about to start name-dropping who I am in this b***h, they must ain’t heard who I am.”, no sweetheart, they probably have no idea who you are (nominated or not).

God bless these two. Maybe one day they will jump the broom and live together in holy ratch-rimony.

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Peep some pics of the most random trio of all time. Busta Rhymes, Soulja Boy, and Donnie Simpson backstage at the BET awards.

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