The Hudsons Were Killed Over This Woman????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Get this, prosecutors allege that no-good thug William Balfour killed everyone because of jealousy over Julia Hudson:

Prosecutors said Balfour had come to the workplace of his estranged wife — Julia Hudson, the actress’ sister — in early October to complain about her dating another man and threatened her family with harm if she continued to see him. He went to the house the day of the slayings to again warn her about the relationship, prosecutors said. He and Julia Hudson left the house together, prosecutors said. She got into her car and drove off. He was walking toward his car when he was last seen by Julia Hudson, they said.

We’re not saying a woman has to look like Kerry Washington for someone to go into jealous rage but damn. Our prayers are with Jhud and her family.

F*ck a Thug, that’s the anthem we sing over here at Bossip.


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  • dani

    it would be respectful to refrain from distasteful comments concerning this tragic event

  • ???


  • anitabonita

    No comment

  • anitabonita

    If u know what i’m sayin

  • ♥Ayita Loves Adam♥

    I hope this asshole gets life for killing that little boy. How can someone just kill a live child like that?

  • Frog-a-licious

    SAD! That’s all I gotta say.

  • Diamond D

    I hate to say something evil but the Prosecutors needs a better motive than that!!!!! I believe people are innocent till proven guilty. I just can’t see this guy killing three people of the elephant woman!!!!

  • Diamond D

    I menat over the elephant woman!!!!

  • Diamond D

    meant!!! there third times a charm!!!!

  • Chi-town

    I’ll pull tha switch on his @zz!

  • B.Cherry

    Oh well…ain’t nothin’ we can do about it now! Next…

  • cee

    F*ck @ Thug


    nice t-shirt 🙂

  • PGHCheeze

    Weren’t or we’re not? Just wondering…

  • Richard

    People don’t understand this sickness is not about the woman.

    If your man beats your ass it’s not because the ass drove hime crazy. it’s because he was already there.

  • Whoever

    Classless. No need for this type of post. Are you saying that the mother of a murdered child, the sister of a slain brother and the daughter of a killed mother is…


    No, you’re ugly. And you obviously have no talent and no way of finding yourself appreciated other than to diss people on a black gossip blog.

    Internet bloggers are the new radio personalities. They hate on everything because, quietly, they hate themselves.

  • qt

    sorry, he didn’t do it – facts will come out at trial .. but NOT OVER THIS WALRUS [my words not theirs]

  • abby jean

    are you kidding me? i have never seen anything so distasteful as to pick on the physical appearance of a woman who just endured a massive personal tragedy. the assumption that domestic violence is restricted to beautiful women (and the implication that women should take domestic violence as a compliment and validation of their beauty) is sick and wrong and flat out disgusting.

  • blaq

    The prosecution is going to lose. True or not, when the jury hears he had a pregnant girlfriend they are just not going to buy the reasoning he killed her over another man, especially if they don’t produce the other man and he testifies about a jealous Balfour. Like I said before, Chicago police are grabbing at straws because they don’t have any idea who killed those people.

  • Goonie Goo Goo

    She seems like the typical overweight black woman just so happy to have a dick between her legs that she crept with a criminal thug and put her family’s life at risk.

    Look, either lose some weight and get some dman self esteem or be fat and celibate. I am tired of these walruses letting their babies get killed/raped/molested just so they can have some loser to cook friend chicken for.


  • Jewish Baby

    *whew* that’s one fat buzzard

  • De'Vincent

    Man it just amazes me how this website acts like they r so concerned about Jennifer Hudson and her well-being but for the sake of entertainment and laughs, they make jokes and distasteful comments about her sister Julia. Regardless of Julia’s decision, if she lives a 100 years from now, she cannot go back and change the past!

    If anything, the people who run this website and the people who are commenting on this website should continue to uphold Jennifer and Julia Hudson & the entire Hudson family in their prayers, after all this is the first time in their life they will truly spend their first holidays without their family. Please think before you write.

  • ???

    We need to STOP making

    not all antisocial people kill people, people need to stop making excuses for no good men and women

  • Negro Please

    I knew Julia had something to do with the murders from the very beginning. I bet there is even more to this twisted story than we really want to know…

  • Kigali (9 finger black females need to check out Shahrazad Ali on You Tube)

    @Goonie Goo Goo,

    That was awesome. Prepared to be attacked for it though. The black female has a right to lay up with any kind of man she wants and when that man explodes on her, she bares no responsibility for what happened. You will be attacked for even suggesting that Julia Hudson shares some of the blame.

    The black female is forever innocent, forever a victim and is a beautiful black Queen who cant be questioned.

    All Hail The Queen.

  • Kigali (9 finger black females need to check out Shahrazad Ali on You Tube)


    I think my neighbors son is getting out or prison soon. How about I fix him up with your daugher?

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