Slow Your Roll! Couples Who Seemed To Move Too Damn Fast

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Couples That Move Really Fast

You ever see those couples that go from 0-60 in no time? Like, one minute they’re dating and the other they’re going down the aisle. It seems so sudden. Maybe they’d be best served taking their times. Or not. Whatever floats their boats.

Let’s take a look.

Wiz and Amber – They dated for a while before getting engaged but it sure seemed like they fell in love overnight. There was no slow burn with this couple.

The-Dream and Christina Milian – They seemed to get married immediately. And divorced just as quickly.

The-Dream and His New Fiance – Didn’t he JUST get divorced?

J. Lo and Casper – As soon as they started hanging out he was out there having the kids call him “daddy.” Chill with that.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries – It took no time at all for them to get married…but their time together was longer than their 3-month marriage.

Khloe and Lamar – They got married out of nowhere…but they got that real thing, though.

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    Kanye and Kim – They dated then it seemed like they were moving in together already. We bet they’ll be engaged by year’s end.

    Nas and Kelis – They were together and Nas immediately had a tat of her. Love at first sight sure turned ugly.

    TomKat – The Illuminati Scientologist Monkey worshippers sure made sure this was done as quickly as possible.

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