BOSSIP Exclusive: Elle Varner Talks New Album, Dating In The Industry, And Of Course…..Those Cakes!

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Elle Varner Talks To Bossip

R&B newcomer Elle Varner has a lot to celebrate these days. The Cali-born banger has been heating up the charts with her latest single “Refill” and was the talk of the night on the recently aired 2012 BET Awards red carpet.

We got a chance to sit down with Elle to discuss what fans can expect from her upcoming new album to be released in August, who she’s currently dating, how she maintains her fabulous hair, her celebrity crush and so much more!

Check out the interview below.

Describe your mood right now with everything going on.  Are you still pinching yourself or is everything starting to set in?
It’s really been a journey. It’s definitely surreal… and hard for me to grasp that it’s really happening and it’s really me, you know? Especially when I meet fans. I just met some fans last week and they were like balling in tears! It was crazy. You know I just relate to myself as the same person [that I’ve always been] but, to other people, it’s different so, that part is kinda crazy still.

Speaking of your fans, everybody is looking forward to what’s next from you. What can fans expect from this album?
This album is such an honest piece of work, a vulnerable piece of work. I expressed a lot of emotion and all of the stories are true life-stories of mine which is why I think it’s so relatable. I was thinking the other day, listening to the album, no matter what your gender, race, age or [sexual]orientation is, it’s just such an appealing album to everyone’s story because it’s all about just the human experience.

Any collabos or features on this album?
Uh, no, actually. Other than J.Cole, who I worked with on my first single, I don’t have any features or collabos. You know, I really just wanted everybody to get a chance to know me and my sound. I’m still coming into my own and discovering myself so I wanted people to be able to really hear that on the album.

Who would you like to work with in the future?
Well, Andre 3000. I’d love to work with him. I think that’s like everyone’s dream person to work with at some point; and then also Frank Ocean. I would love to work with Frank Ocean….

Yes, a Frank Ocean/Elle Varner record would be dope…
That would be sick, right? Hopefully we can, you know, make that happen soon.

People have recently gotten a chance to see a little bit of your personal style through some of your videos and appearances and seem to have responded pretty well. What inspires your original, eclectic, personal style?
Let’s see….well, I like colors so, I always incorporate color into whatever I’m wearing somehow. And I like to be different in what I wear but it also needs to make sense. So, I like to keep it simple but still stand out without going overboard with too many patterns or colors at once.

Hit the flip to read about Elle’s BET Awards moment that left her star struck, and her reaction to all that attention on her camera-friendly cakes.

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