Out Of Touch Mitt Robney Tells Students To “Shop Around” And Borrow From Their Rents To Pay For College [Video]

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If only we all had parents with off-shore bank accounts. This fool has got us laughing and shaking our damn heads at the same time.

President Obama was out campaigning this week and met with students to address the current loan burden many of us are feeling.

“He said, ‘The best thing you can do is shop around,’ ” the president said to boos from a youthful crowd of 3,500 in a sunny quadrangle at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio. “That’s it. That’s his plan. That’s his answer to young people who are trying to figure out how to go to college and make sure that they don’t have a mountain of debt.”

Democrats contend that Ryan’s budget proposal, which failed to pass the Democratic-controlled Senate, would cut $115 billion from the Education Department, costing 1 million college students their Pell Grants over the next decade. Democrats argue those moves would punish many middle class and low income families trying to gain an education.

The Romney campaign countered that Mr. Obama’s economic policies had resulted in a “lost generation” — graduates burdened by crushing debt, with little hope of repaying it because of the bleak job market. The campaign mocked the president’s answer to a question in a television interview in New Hampshire over the weekend, about why struggling college graduates should support his re-election.

“Well, they can look at my track record,” Mr. Obama said.

Guess Robmoney and Paul Lyan don’t think investing in the average students future is worth it.

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