Ridin’ Dirty: Celebrities Accused Of Having Nasty STDs…Some Were Proven!

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Celebrities Accused Of Carrying STDs

Wrap. It. Up. How many times do we have to tell you? Even celebrities slip up and get caught being stupid. And it gets exposed to the world that they have some monster disease, their names get tainted. Here are some of the most famous alleged cases of celebrities with STDs.


Mr. Marcus – He had a case of Syphilis that he tried to hide…now half the adult industry has it.

Paris Hilton – She had her possessions taken back when she failed to pay on her apartment and they found Valtrex…for herpes. Um…maybe it was for Shingles? No?

Michael Vick – He got sued for giving a woman herpes. While that wasn’t proven, the fact he had it? Yeah.

Robin Williams – He was also sued by an ex for allegedly giving her herpes.

Magic Johnson – We all know the deal here.

Jessica Alba – There’s a nasty rumor that Derek Jeter gave her the herp. It hasn’t been confirmed but it’s prevalent as hell.

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    Pamela Anderson – Alleged hepatitis C carrier here. Go figure.

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