Happy Birthday Virgo: A Gallery Of Celebs Born Under The Same Sign

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Celebrity Virgos

The end of August into the middle of September is Virgo season, and quite a few celebs have this sign in common.

From artists, to musicians, to actresses, to icons and even people “famous” for doing nothing other than choppin’ down some high paid cakes, this variety of Virgos has it all covered.

See if you can guess these Virgo birthdays without peeping the page numbers:

#3 Is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time
#7 Is a worldwide superstar, wife and mother
#9 And #7 have done a movie together
#13 Has a birthday that no one will soon forget and has even done a song titled “Virgo” with #2
#16 Will forever be remembered for their musical genius and untimely death
#21 Is an icon and a legend

Hit the flip to countdown all of our Hollyweird Virgos and see which two on the list even share a birthday.

Sanaa Lathan – September 19

Nas – September 14

Cassie – August 26

Blake Lively – August 25

Kobe Bryant – August 23

Beyonce – September 4

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    Swizz Beatz – September 13

    Jennifer Hudson – September 12

    Paul Walker – September 12

    Jada Pinkett – September 18

    Gabriel Aubry – August 30

    Ludacris – September 11

    Selma Hayek – September 2

    Wiz Khalifa – September 8

    Amy Winehouse – September 14

    Macauly Culkin – August 27

    Aisha Tyler – September 18

    Adam Sandler – September 9

    Cameron Diaz – August 30

    Michael Jackson – August 29

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