Rihanna’s Swirly Adventures: A Gallery Of Rih Rih’s Alleged Forays With White Guys

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Gallery Of Rihanna’s White Love Interests

Rihanna is quite the active lady, in case you didn’t notice. She’s been linked to a ton of male celebrities since her time on top (hehe). While she’s mostly dabbled in light-skinned Chris Brown-looking men. But she also seems to like white men. Let’s take a look at some of the men she was rumored to be with.

Do you and swirl it up if you want, Rih Rih.

Ashton Kutcher – She was his post-divorce rebound but it ended pretty ugly.

Rob Kardashian – They went go-karting last week but she ended up partying with Chris Brown. Think he hit it?

Shia LaBeouf – They went on a date but “didn’t feel sparks” i.s. she didn’t let him hit it.

Josh Hartnett – They dated briefly in 2007. Rih Rih said she’d fallen head over heels for him.

Ryan Phillippe – He allegedly stepped out on his woman to be with Rih Rih. Scandalous!

Travis Barker – They dated for a whopping month back in 2011 according to rumors and reports. Random.

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    Colin Farrell – These two were a rumored item for a while. They kept denying it, but something seemed fishy.

    Justin Timberlake – She was rumored to be having him step out on his woman a few times, too. Sheesh, Rih Rih.

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