I’m A Diva: 20 Demanding Celebs And Their Over The Top Requirements

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What they say goes… OR ELSE!

Let’s face it. Celebs aren’t really known for their warm and fuzzy demeanors, but these folks have been caught on the record on their worst behavior. Hit the flip to have a look at who landed on this diva list!


During one tour, staffers were instructed to dash into the nearest room and out of Queen Bey’s presence when she approached and not to look at her or speak to her. Except, for one minion who was to roll out a white linen “red carpet” for her fab feet.

Britney Spears

A $15 million paycheck for judging The X Factor simply isn’t enough. She insists that all the people working for her be unattractive, and she must have her own beauty team consisting of a personal manicurist, facialist and massage therapist. Not to mention the 34 Hervé Leger dresses, which go for $2,00 a pop.


The platinum-selling rapper’s dedication to Armand de Brignacs Ace of Spades champagne goes beyond name dropping it in “Show Me What You Got.” Not only did he spend 250 grand on the stuff in one night at a Miami club, but his tour rider given to the University of Arizona also demanded two bottles, at $300 a pop, along with a “black late model Maybach… with tinted windows.” (The school declined.)

Mariah Carey

Mariah is legendary for diva requests that range from the bizarre (bendy straws for sipping Cristal, unlimited Cap’n Crunch) to the downright nutty (a menagerie of puppies, kittens and bunny rabbits to keep her company). But Mariah topped even herself on an Aspen vacation when, annoyed by fellow guests, she offered them each $100 to leave the Jacuzzi so she could lounge and sip champagne alone.

Janet Jackson

Should she appear on a bill with a comedian, the comic is contractually banned from making jokes about the Jackson clan, wardrobe malfunctions or anything else concerning her. She also requires heaps of white tulips, black towels, and 20 candles that are exactly five inches tall.

Scott Disick

Kourtney’s baby daddy refused to wait in line and board a Southwest Airlines flight with the little people, instead shoving in front of elderly passengers and a mom holding twin babies!

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    The Purple Rain singer demanded that owners of London’s massive O2 arena build him a five-bedroom home on the grounds at their expense. That way he had a base for all future London shows and didn’t have to spend his pennies on a hotel.


    For her MDNA tour, concert organizers were met by her bizarre “sterilization team,” who wiped away any hair, skin or saliva left in her dressing room. And part of her 30-person security detail built fake walls and ceilings to ensure there were no hidden cameras that could capture Madge in the buff.

    Kim Kardashian

    The reality star is taking her obsessive neatness — and laziness– to a new level with a $100K self-flushing toilet. Sources say Kim is “terrified” of people using her potty and forgetting to flush and loves that she’ll be the first girl on the block with a toilet pricier than most houses.

    Steven Tyler

    Insiders at American Idol confess that the Aerosmith frontman was, shockingly, the show’s biggest diva. After getting sweaty on stage and demanding a towel, an impatient Tyler grabbed a female staffer and wiped his face on her skirt! If that’s not bad enough, when on tour he must have a “VIP room” decorated in an “East Indian motif” and forbids any “Pakistani compressed towels.”

    Kanye West

    The eight male band members on tour with Kanye enjoy a variety of culinary delights backstage, but his three female singers have zero food in their dressing room — only furniture. Yeezy is just as Heartless when it comes to designer goods. He requires a heap of Versace towels be cut up so he can wipe his face onstage.

    Christina Aguilera

    Everyone on the planet may hate traffic, but only Dirrty diva Christina demands that it disappear! The Voice judge’s contract states that “under no circumstances” shall she “encounter any delays during traffic,” forcing event organizers to pay up for police escorts.

    Jennifer Lopez

    Jenny from the Block has famously required all-white decor — including the candy — in her dressing room. But once twins Max and Emme arrived, the diva behavior went into overdrive. J.Lo was “boiling with rage” at the Mirage in Las Vegas when her room didn’t include cribs; she called the front desk 20 times! That we could understand, but insisting her coffee be stirred counterclockwise only?

    Justin Timberlake

    JT takes his champagne very seriously. He threw a fit over “flat” bubbly during a dinner, sending back three different glasses. But if you think that makes Jessica Biel’s groom-to-be classy, think again. At hotels, he asks that a mirror be hung on the ceiling above his bed.

    Salma Hayek

    If you’re on set with this diva, bring a blindfold! Sources say Salma will “storm off” if anyone looks directly at her, refusing to work until the offender has been removed. But when she needs a table, ignoring her is a lethal mistake! The actress cursed out a poor hostess at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont when a table wasn’t immediately available, screaming obscenities en espanol until her friends dragged her away.

    Katy Perry

    The pink-loving pop princess has banned carnations from her dressing rooms, insisting instead on roses. She’s equally picky about her furniture, requesting egg-shaped chairs, a “Perspex modern-style” coffee table, two “French-ornate-style” lamps and a glass door refrigerator. And if you’re driving Miss Perry, don’t even think about asking how her day was. She forbids chauffeurs from speaking to her or looking at her, even in the mirror.


    During his 2007 tour, a U.K. nightclub made the mistake of offering to host the rap/fashion mogul’s after party. Promoters didn’t expect nearly $1 million in demands, including a $102,000 chauffeur-driven Maserati, a $320,000 Rolls-Royce and a $380,000 Mercedes, plus $400,000 of free Krug champagne for his 200-person entourage. The club called his requests “ridiculous” and nixed the invite.


    Sources say she refuses to use “poor-quality pens,” insisting on Sharpies. Her taste buds also require the royal treatment. The multiplatinum-selling singer’s tour rider specifies that a bottle of the “very best quality” red wine be on hand at all times; ditto for English beef. Her contract clearly states that “North American beer is not acceptable.”

    Will Smith

    While filming Men in Black 3 in NYC, Big Willy balked at trekking almost a whole mile from the set to his $25,000 a month apartment and instead parked a 53-foot, 22-wheel trailer next to the set, blocking traffic and irking residents. Eventually the public outrage forced producers to move the monster double-decker to a nearby parking lot and off the street.

    Tom Cruise

    Tom outsmarts Father Time with facial masks made of nightingale droppings (bird poo), rice bran and water. Katie Holmes’ ex-husband has an equally bizarre ritual on movie sets: Any doors that Tom may walk through must first be opened and shut to “clear out bad energy” says a Star insider.

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