Naomi Campbell Shakes Her Shimmies

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Naomi Campbell is a contestant for the Italian version of “Dancing With the Stars”. She is making it rain on them hoes in her little dance get up and actually looks like she might have a mean two step.

We feel bad for her dance partner, she “seems” like she might be a bitch to work with.

Watch Naomi do the Salsa right about now…

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  • MarieDaGuru

    Go Nay Nay!!

  • Mahogany

    She might have a mean 2-step, but her swinging arm is much stronger.

  • Bahama Mama

    that’s one baadddd bia right there, i ain’t mad tho, do the damn thing ma

  • Mahogany

    I’m sure she gets along w/ men really well…it’s the chicks she hurls blackberrys @!

  • slimting

    Her Mom was a dancer and i believe she had some dance training when she was younger.

  • Mississippi Girl

    I wonder why she was not on the American version of “Dancing with the Stars”!

  • Maya

    Sorry but she was quite stiff IMO. Although she looks amazing!!!But why is she doing the Italian version????????? Random!

  • yes

    lol@mahogany she looks really nice

  • nono

    damn she’s skinny!

  • T

    She look’s great.. Go Naomi!!!!!!

  • elle

    She was a little stiff but I’m not knocking her because she did a nice job. As an international model and a business woman she better know how to salsa. That might sound narrow minded but it’s not. The salsa is a serious piece of dancing. It’s a dance where women know how to let the man lead, shows him to be strong and her to be graceful in the same step. An excellent dance.

  • Black Velveteen

    Make it rain on them hoes, Naomi!!! Absolute fierceness!! Her partner looks mad zesty, though LOL

  • Athena

    ~ditto Maya. She looks stiff to me. She has all of the steps down, but no fluidity. She doesn’t seem to be in tune with the music.



  • Reformed GammaRay

    lmao @ mahogany fuunty..

    reality & dance shows are taking ooooover. this is the Italian version? wow.. I pray don’t nobody break nothin..

  • John

    Naomi is looking so fine!!!!

  • leah

    One of the best looking chicks in the world. She may be crazy but you cant say she is ugly!

  • Roni

    Her fake boobs look horrible!

  • fanny

    She looks hot! One of the best bodies out there no matter the age.

  • sophia

    She was engaged to a flamenco dancer.

  • daria

    She did ballet when she was younger. Get it Ms. Campbell. Can we not call her Nay Nay? The woman has been a top model for the last 20 years. Show some respect. Save the nicknames for Ye, Bey, RiRi, etc.

  • mstrendydiva

    I don’t understand why anyone would question why she is doing the Italian version…most of our concepts for shows come from other countries anyway…and she is not American…so it would be just as random for her to do the American version…oh well…I think she looks fantastic…and you might be a little stiff too if millions of people watching you samba around in stilletos…


    Naomi is, has always been, and will be for years to come, one of the BADDEST Black women on the planet!!

  • Brian Belliveau

    Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

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