Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” #1 on Rolling Stone

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce has been jumping around Europe as of late, but in the states, her Single Ladies album is #1 on Rolling Stone’s list:

The singer’s catchy tune Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – which reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 last week (04Dec08) – toppled Rihanna’s Disturbia and Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl to claim the top spot on Rolling Stone magazine’s top 100 hitlist.

Beyonce and her trusty Camel have ridden to the top of the music world. Now, about that acting career of hers…

One more for you below.


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  • bored


  • Jaye


    The song is a certified anthem when gay men start worshipping it! Have you seen all the YouTube renditions?!?!


    Jaye 🙂

  • SUPREME (santa claus asked congress for bailout money)


  • Allison Mae


  • I'D HATE ME 2

    That’s our girl! 🙂

  • KillahCam

    LOL @ Jaye

  • Fresh Perspective

    Love her! But…..I REALLY HATE THAT SHE WEARS THOSE ASHY PANTYHOSE!! They don’t match her skin at all and she wears them with open-toe shoes. Why in the world would she think that’s a good idea?!

  • tg

    I’ve heard that song so much and I’m not that big of a fan, so I’m pretty much sick of it literally. I’m ready to check my own self into a Mental Home each time I hear it – I want to pull my ears off my head. LMAO

  • Tasha

    LMAO at Fresh Perspective & TG! That’s still my girl though. Congrats to her. Cant wait for the US tour! It’s gonna be HOT!!

  • sheree

    good for her. can she sit down and rest somewhere we cant see her!

  • bg

    Look at Kool Moe Stupid. Aint nobody in the damn way…nucca!

  • Christie's secrets

    Gay love it just because of the choregraphy! ok i tried to do it, its really difficult lol! The song is catchy but not great at all! but since its beyonce oh well… well, when you look @ that list, rihanna with “disturbia”, katie perry with “i kissed a girl”! Sounds like great music is NOT popular lately!

  • WOW

    Congrats, the chic is gifted and can really sing, but Yawn…I’m real tired of seeing her non-acting self.

  • ♥Ayita Loves Adam♥

    Light skin, fake blonde hair, and butt pads sure come in handy in the entertainment business. Eurocentrism at it’s finest.What type of “black” woman dyes her hair blonde? Only the self-hating ones.I bet you if she was black as coal with short natural hair and singing real music no one would even listen to her.

  • ♥Ayita Loves Adam♥

    Blondiedred-Yep and I’m proud. I find it funny how Black people are the only race of people who have a problem with natural hair on a Black women. It’s funny how some of these Black men claim that they love natural hair on a woman but they always go for these phony ass light skin women or women with long hair.

  • Raquel26

    @Ayita: You’re right. What ever happened to India Irie??

    Okay…so does Bey want a cookie basket or a I dont give a sh_t basket?

  • Pretty Brown Thing

    Surprise surprise.


    What do you mean dark skinned with short hair. That is a complete insult. I am very dark skinned with short hair and I don’t have issues. It’s people like YOU who are splitting up people of all races by the color of their skin and length of their hair. That’s ignorant. SMH.

    @ Ayita Loves Adam

    Unfortunately, that’s what sells. My sister is rockin blond right now.. she’s dark, she has a big booty and she looks great. She has no self esteem problems and is a successful African American female. Stop the madness and be happy for your people … and I mean ALL PEOPLE.


  • B-nice

    Look at her security. Is it really that deep? Who is she Michelle Obama?

  • Janelle

    Love Bey…

  • da darkness

    free plexico

  • da darkness

    he still gonna be in the playoffs

  • Janelle

    @ Ayita Loves Adam

    Stop hating on light skinned black women, she was born light skinned, yeah the hair and everything is fake, but she can’t change her skin color damn.

  • ♥Ayita Loves Adam♥

    Pretty Brown Thing- I never can accept Blond hair on a black women or on people of color in general it’s not a good look. Why should I kiss Beyonce’s ass like everyone does on this site? I don’t like her, her music, or her personality(she has non). I don’t think she’s teaching a good message to young girls and in particular Black women. We need more Black women in the business like India Irie, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, etc. Who talk abotu self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence in their songs. They don’t have to sell sex or shake their asses to get attention. They keep it real.

  • Janelle

    @ Blondiedred
    Thank you, another dark skinne dblack woman hating on us light skinned black women just because, news flash sweety, WE WERE BORN THIS WAY!

  • ♥Ayita Loves Adam♥

    Janelle-I’m not hating on light-skinned women I’m jsut tired of everyone making a big deal on how light skin is suppose to be prettier and more attractive. I bet you would freak out if you were the only dark-skinned person in your family. Do you know how the hell that feels to be called ugly by your own father? My dad would call me ugly and Black all the time and said that I would never be married.

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