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You all remember Jael from ANTM…the rough, spunky contestant on Cycle 8 who wanted to be the best! That awkward episode where Jay Emmanuel gave her attitude because she wasn’t “giving enough” during one of their pretend you’re dead photo shoots; faking like he didn’t know her friend had overdosed a few days before.

Unfortunately for Jael, she’s been hittin’ that Meth for the last SIX years and she’s a full blown addict who’s ruined her face and body, which is covered in sores, and has rotted teeth in exchange for a beautiful smile.

Peep the vid as her family appears on an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil holding an intervention in order to save her life.

A former America’s Next Top Model contestant’s battle with crystal meth addiction is the subject of an explosive new episode of Dr. Phil…after becoming hooked on methamphetamine, Strauss, 28, soon became a helpless addict and in an episode airing on September 13, her family turns to Dr. Phil McGraw for an intervention.

Ravaged in appearance and living on the streets, Strauss is hunted down by her brother, Brandon and mother, Debbie, who ask her to travel to Los Angeles to see Dr. Phil.

Reluctantly she agrees. But after she finds herself on the stage, she runs out of the studio and into the Paramount parking lot. Realizing the extent of her issues, Dr. Phil follows her, noting: “This is the first time in 10 years I’ve come out here, to talk to you.”

It isn’t the first time Strauss, who claims to be well-rounded, has struggled with her emotions on TV. Her family conceded that her friend’s overdose “really shook her,” but it wasn’t enough to wean Strauss off drugs herself.

This is a sad story and we hope she can kick the habit!


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