Can’t Let Go: The Absolute Worst Celebrity Exes Of All Time

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Worst Celebrity Exes Of All Time

Break-ups are the worst. You get sad, watch Waiting To Exhale and eat something fatty until you cry yourself to sleep. But that’s all part of the process of getting over your ex. At least your business isn’t all in the public like these celebrities. And who do we have to thank? Their incredibly crappy exes.

Let’s take a look at the worst exes of all time.

Siovaughn Funches – She filed a lawsuit against Dwyane Wade and then she kidnapped their kids! She may take the cake.

Kris Humphries – He’s been filing lawsuits left and right trying to get Kimmy K to pay him…then he went and knocked up a chunky imposter for the hell of it.

Pilar Sanders – She brought some dude to the crib to beat Deion up…and he had to fill out a police report with his kids. Oh, the lulz.

Chris Brown – He called Rih Rih a hoe and has been a general jerk for a while.

Kanye West – He spent a whole album talking about how Amber was some dirty dame and made her look horrible. She bounced back tho.

Eminem – He tattooed a wish for his wife to die when they broke up. Bitter much?

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    Superhead – She’ll break up with you…then write a book about it. Not cool, Mrs. Head.

    50 Cent – He allegedly burned his baby momma house down. So that’s bad, right?

    Kelis – She tried to take ALL of that man’s money and didn’t think twice about it. So he made an album on her behalf.

    Tiki Barber – He married his bimbo side piece and went into hiding. Dude doesn’t even mention his kids. Ugh.

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