A Lil Experimentation: The Most Infamous Interracial Celebrity Booty Calls And One Night Stands

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Famous Interracial One Night Stands

We understand what kind of world this is. Some people are scared to fully commit to swirly relationships in the public eye. But this doesn’t stop them from dabbling in the swirly goodness every once in a while. Plenty of celebrities have enjoyed swirly one night stands.

Let’s take a look at some celebrities that had quick one night stands with other races.

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher – They were having secret rendezvous earlier this year but that got deaded with a quickness.

Diddy and Cameron Diaz – They’ve been chopping each other down on the slick off and on. They should just make it official.

Kanye and his Balcony Lady – They had some random public fling and she disappeared.

Sarah Palin and Glen Rice – She got chopped down by former NBA player Glen Rice when she was just a newscaster. This news is never not hilarious.

Kid Cudi and Amanda Bynes –Cudi was giving her some chop down on the side until she tried to put it on blast on Twitter.

Kobe Bryant and his Colorado Mistress – She’s not a celebrity but she damn sure is infamous.

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    Madonna and Tupac – They were always rumored to have a quick fling and she wanted his baby. Weird.

    Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman – He gave her the business on the sly back when she was hot.

    50 Cent and Chelsea Handler – She got the drawls and kicked him to the edge of the curb.

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