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Vince Young’s Crazy Purchases That Drove Him Broke

Former NFL quarterback Vince Young once had a $26 million guaranteed contract to play for the Tennessee Titans. That was just half a decade ago. He also had a Reebok deal and some more endorsements and money. Now he’s totally broke and looking for a job.

How did that happen? Let’s see the crazy stuff he allegedly spent all his bread on.

$600 shots of Louis XIII from Morton’s restaurants for his buddies – He’d go to Morton’s and drop hundreds of bucks on shots. All of Nashville was getting drunk.

He once spent $6,000 at TGI Fridays. TGI freaking Fridays! How do you spend that much money there?! They have specials!

He wanted to be alone one day so he bought every ticket on a Southwest Airline flight to be by himself.

He had a Cheesecake Factory addiction that caused him to spend $5,000 a WEEK on food there. A week!

Him and a teammate once bought 75 shots of Patron in 30 minutes. We hope they didn’t drink it all themselves.

He invested in the Vince Young Steakhouse. Restaurants never go well for celebrities smh.

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He’s also alleged to have spent hundreds of dollars buying bottles for every woman he sees that’s attractive every where he went. Calm it down, Vinny.

It didn’t help that he ended up getting cut from his last team, Buffalo Bills and won’t be in the league for a very long time. SMH. Poor guy.



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