Vogue Magazines Color Issues–Why The Publication Has A Shady History Of Reppin’ Black Women On The Cover! [Photos]

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Ever wonder why you don’t see women who look like us on the covers of Vogue?? Well we do. Especially after we broke the news of Keija Minor, the newly named Editor-in-Chief of Bride’s magazine, earlier this week.

While we were over here giving her a shout out, we were also struck by the staggering fact that she’s the FIRST Black Woman to ever hold the position down at Condé Nast. Ever! The publishing empire that owns 18 magazines in total, (think Bride’s, Vogue, and GQ, just to name a few), has been in the business for 103 years! So it took over a century to finally have a well-qualified African American run isht.

To show you a lack in progress…hit the flip and check out the awful pattern of Black Women gracing the cover of Vogue magazine (another Condé Nast publication)…

They should be ashamed of themselves…but they probably don’t even think twice about it.

Naomi graced the front of the September issue back in ’89. This was the only time in recent history that a Black woman had appeared on the cover of Vogue three times in one year!

Next up…we get Naomi the Campbell again…this time in 1993!!! That’s FOUR effing years they went without posting up one single Black woman.

1997…are you starting to notice the pattern here??

We got skinny Oprah in 1998…so thanks to Vogue for only going one year this time around!

And what do you know?? We got Halle’s Monster’s Ball azz in 2002. Four years later…smh

2005. Another lapse…at least this cover was only three years after Halle’s

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    J Hud graced the cover (hate it or love it?) in 2007

    Michelle was lovely in March (2009)

    Bey got the cover in April (2009)…the back-to-back issues made almost made us pass out!!

    Halle was featured again in 2010 and, check this out, was the first Black Woman in 11 years to get on the September issue (we showed you Naomi’s cover from back in ’89)

    And finally…Rih Rih. She got a nod from the powers that be in April 2011.

    We haven’t seen another Black Woman since then and 2012 is almost over.

    Images via Vogue

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