WTF Are You Thinking? The Dumbest Celebrity Crimes Committed Of All Time

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Dumbest Crimes Committed By Celebrities

It’s hard to get to jail if you’re a celebrity. They have the most money and best lawyers to get off the hook. But when they commit truly stupid crimes there’s no getting out of it. Can’t they just stay at home and roll around in their money pits instead of doing stupid isht that lands them in jail?

Guess not…

OJ Simpson – He got away with murder…then turned around and went to jail for trying to rob people of paraphernalia. How dumb can you be?

Chris Brown – He violated his parole by stealing some random chick’s cell phone because she was taking a pic. Smooth.

Lindsay Lohan – She’s rich as hell but she’s out here stealing to get by? Just one of the many dumb things she’s done?

Halle Berry – So you hit a car? Then you flee the scene like a psycho?

T.I. – Riding around smoking week in your car while on probation is probably the worst way to end up back in the clink.

DMX – Impersonating a police officer is so not gangsta. Or smart.

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    D’Angelo – Dropping $40 on a blowjay from a cheap prostitute isn’t how the God of Neo-Soul should be acting.

    R. Kelly – So you’re just going to film yourself peeing on little kids? Doing it is one thing but filming? Dummy.

    Floyd Mayweather – He got arrested for stealing his girlfriend’s iphone.

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