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Looks like the King might have finally grown tired of his thinning crown…

Lebron James Is Rumored To Have Gotten Hair Plugs To Fix His Receding Hairline

Via TerezOwens

Nike Sportswear has introduced the new LeBron James Diamond Collection apparel for the Holiday 2012 season, and as you can see above, LeBron looks a bit different….and now we know why. Our source tells us LeBron had hair corrective surgery a little over two months ago. We’re being told he was sick and tired of hearing all the jokes revolving around his rapidly receding hairline…and he knew no matter how many championships he won, people would always point to that right away. Now If you look at the pics side by side, you can definitely tell he filled in his coffin corners, and it appears the King with the thinning crown is no more.

Over the past couple years Lebron’ hairline (or lack thereof) has been one of the hottest topics on the internet, especially in social media and EVERYBODY (including LBJ’s teammates) are in on the joke!

It’s crazy to think that a young Lebron James had so much hair, we would have never guessed that he was on his way to looking like Naomi Campbell. But honestly, with all the a$$ shots, weavy-wonders, and rock-hard breast implants, we can’t be mad at the man for wanting to tighten up his fadeaway jumper hair.

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