Unemployed Celebrities

Get A Job! Celebrities Tooling Away On The Unemployment Line

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Unemployed Celebrities

If you watched the debates last night you would have noticed Paul Ryan and Joe Biden talking about benefits for the unemployed. People that aren’t making income or have their steady gigs at the moment. So we bet their ears were perked up listening to to see what they could do since they don’t have jobs.

Want to know who was looking forward to the help? Just take a peak at these people that are looking for work.

Chad Johnson – He sent out one head butt and got cut from his team. Now he can’t play anywhere.

Terrell Owens – He can’t keep an NFL gig either. Now he’s out on Twitter looking for a gig.

Dame Dash – He got dropped from the Roc and has tried to get things going but it’s been all dead ends.

Stacey Dash – What have you seen her in since she got fired from Single Ladies.

Nicole Scherzinger – She got cut from X-Factor and has kind of chilled since.

Katie Holmes – She’ll probably never get a job now that she peeved off the Scientologists.

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Aubrey O’Day – She’s struggled to do anything since Diddy dropped her from the label. Actually, we could do anyone that used to be signed to Bad Boy.

Mel Gibson – He hasn’t done anything since insulting the Jews. Don’t insult the Jews.

Allen Iverson – AI is still trying to play basketball. Poor guy hasn’t been able to get back in the league in years though.


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