Famous Couples Who Almost Divorced

Obamas Aren’t Alone: Other Famous Couples Who Almost Got Divorced But Stayed Together

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Famous Couples Who Almost Divorced

Donald Trump is out there to convince everyone that he has a bombshell on his hands by revealing that President Obama and the First Lady once almost had a divorce. Well news flash Billionaire man, if you’ve been married then you’ve almost filed for divorce. That just the facts. Marriage is tough and some couples reach that breaking point and almost snap.

Want proof? Take a look at these couples that came thisssss close to breaking but stayed together through it all.

Will and Jada – Their relationship hit a serious rough patch last year where rumors where flying that they were on the verge of divorcing and some saying it was over their kids’ careers or even Marc Anthony. But they persevered and never split.

Magic and Cookie – She had every reason to leave him when he came home with the monster. But they powered through it.

Snoop and Shante – He filed for divorce in 2004 but they renewed their vows in 2009 and its been smooth since.

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan – They split for a bit but reconciled after she got bussed down on a Black Wall Street love seat.

Denzel Washington and Paulette Pearson – Things were rocky in 2006 with divorce rumors running rampant. But of course they’re still strong.

Bill and Hillary – You best believe she almost dipped after he got domed up by Monica.

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Mariah and Nick – She almost left him when he wouldn’t chill with his work despite his health problems. Good thing he smartened up.

Kobe and Vanessa – Are they together? Are they not? If you gotta ask then they still kind of are.

David Letterman – He had to go public with an affair that rocked his marriage. But the dirty mistress got put in her place and all was well.

Anthony Weiner – He put his schlong on twitter but his wife ignored it and they’re still together. Whatever floats her boat.



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