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NBA Baller Dwyane Wadeis a great father and phenomenal athlete, but his former mother-in-law says he’s also an incredible liar. The woman who took in D-Wade when he was an abused teen and mothered Siovaughn Funches, Wade’s ex who has been depicted as a crazy, deranged, epitome of a bad mother is sick of watching the kid she helped raise spreading what she says is a twisted version of events to the public, especially Oprah Winfey!

In an exclusive letter to The Miami Herald Siovaughn’s mom writes:

My name is Darlene Funches; I am the mother of Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, the grandmother of Zion and Zaire Wade—and the ex-mother-in-law of NBA star Dwyane T. Wade Jr.

You may have read about some of the ugly things that have happened in the divorce proceedings, and especially the child custody battle, between my daughter and ex-son-in-law. Because Dwyane is a rich and powerful man, it’s his side of the story that is most often portrayed in these stories. Such as the occurrences on June 16, 2012, when Dwyane had my daughter arrested for kidnapping her own children. Regarding this incident, Dwyane went on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” and sat in that chair across from Oprah … and lied to her.

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