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After several weeks of snoozefest episodes, “Basketball Wives L.A.” finally picked up the punches. Literally. In case you missed the catch fade between Jackie Christie and Brooke Bailey, you can check it out on 24Wired
but for those of you who saw it when it aired, you’re gonna want to keep reading.

BOSSIP reached out to Brooke Bailey about the fight and how she felt about a certain photo making it’s rounds around Twitter. She responded exclusively to BOSSIP with this statement:

I’m the type of person that like’s to make things clear. Once I have a sit down, argument or physical altercation. Once I walk away from it I’m done. What the viewers haven’t seen is that I went out of my comfort zone to extend more courtesy than I ever have to strangers in real life. Despite the countless sneak disses that have been thrown my way. I had tunnel vision once I was arguing with Jackie (So I did NOT hear the side bars from anyone else) and could not remember everything that happened because that’s how upset I was. When I said “line it up” that was the perfect moment for any of my cast members (that have fake problems with me) “To take the initiative to jump from outside of my peripheral into the front of the line” But, as you see. NO ONE DID!!! Jackie Christie threw the first kick and after that I beat her a$$. PERIOD!!! NONE of my cast members can “Beat my a$$”.

Originally I was confronting Malaysia knowing that her plus 1 was going to get involved. At the time my gut told me that Malaysia was trying to be funny on our phone conversation. So I felt like I had her pegged wrong for
being messy. I quickly apologized, However in hindsight, watching the episode with the phone call I wish that I would have never apologized because my gut was right.

Do I feel bad about about fighting Jackie? Of course, she’s close to my mothers age and I was taught to always respect my elders. Going forward can we be cool? Yes, she’s crazy and I like crazy. But, I’ve got to admit the commentary on Twitter had me cracking up. Especially the “Hair Weave Killa” meme …

Wow, do you agree with her? We really think these girls sometimes like making small potatoes into … beef. But the Hair Weave Killa picture is kinda funny.

Besides beating up Jackie Christie, in collaboration with celebrity stylist HollyLarry, Brooke Bailey recently showed off some new photos. Hit the flip for a look.

Looks like shes putting her bathing suits and thongs to rest. What do you think? Still bangin’?

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