Alicia Keys Tells Complex About The Real Meaning Of “Unthinkable,” Says People Don’t Understand Her “New Self”

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Alicia Keys Complex

On the meaning behind “Unthinkable”:

Despite the gossip and speculation, Alicia is reluctant to confirm what “Unthinkable” is about. “With songs there’s a part that you can never fully interpret,” she hedges. “Someone could never tell what I meant and I could never interpret what it may mean to someone else.” Still she admits, “everything I write is part of my life. I couldn’t write it if I didn’t relate to it.”

As she continues to speak about “Unthinkable” she finally opens up about its meaning. “Lately I’ve been wanting to explain that song. That song and that moment is about taking chances. It’s about following yourself. We hold back so much. We wait or we don’t do anything just because of all the ways we explain it to ourselves in our head. That’s a big theme for me on many levels—especially during that time. Like I said, I’ve been going through this whole process of finding my own womanhood.”

She says now that on her last album she only had an element of freedom. But that’s not enough anymore. “That was what that song was about,” she admits. “That’s the thing about love—you gotta take a chance.”

She took a big chance with Swizz. Do you think it was worth it?

Alicia also offers some advice to Complex’s largely male readership on staying out of the doghouse.

“It’s real easy,” she says. “You stay outta the doghouse by not being a dog. You know what to do. That’s it. Life is real easy. You know what the key is? Honesty.”

But in what world is honesty easy? “OK, honesty isn’t easy,” she admits. “Honesty can be hurtful. It can be painful. It can be difficult. But honesty makes things easier. ’Cause then you don’t have to go back and do all types of other bullisht. It’s just better. Trust me.”

Wonder how “Honest” Swizzy has been with Alicia about when he REALLY separated from Mashonda and those text messages to Christina Elizabeth.

Check out all the hot pics from her Complex shoot below:


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