Let’s Celebrate Lil Boosie’s 30th Birthday By Naming The 10 Most Ratchet Celebrities In The Game Right Now

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Most Ratchet Celebrities

Today is a national holiday. It’s the day when everyone shines his or her grills to the skies, lights a swisha and puts ecstacy in someone’s butt. It’s Boosie’s 30th birthday! Wipe yourselves down for the festivities.

We here at Bossip are celebrating the holiday by naming 10 followers of the Boosie. Ten people that are living the ratchet dream.

Let’s look at the 10 most ratchet people on earth.

Webbie – He’s like the Robin to Boosie’s Batman. If Boosie does something embarrassing, Webbie isn’t far behind.

Fantasia – She’s the ratchet hall of famer for her freak outs and the most ratchet relationship of all time.

Stevie J – He’s all-around reality show ratchet for his relationships and inability to handle his ladies.

Nene Leakes – She married herself out of ratchetness…but the ratchetness didn’t leave her.

Gloria James – She can’t get right, fighting guys in hotels and maybe banging Bron’s teammate.

Delonte West – He’s balls crazy and got arrested for riding around a motorcycle with shotguns attached. And he get some dude a wet willy on the basketball court.

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    2 Chainz – Need we elaborate?

    Kendra Wilkinson – She bought a grill in the Playboy mansion. SMH. That’s ratchet to the nth degree.

    Bobbi Kristina – She’s snorting blow and dating her brother. This is unabridged ratchet.

    Donald Trump – Money doesn’t stop you from being ratchet. His spending money on dumb gimmicks regarding Obama are certainly the sign of a rich a$$ ratchet goon.


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