Banger Ratings: The Cast Of Basketball Wives In Order From Banger To Bust

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Ranking The Basketball Wives Cast

We all love Basketball Wives. The ladies love the drama and – here’s a secret – your man watches for the lovely eye candy. For the series’ four years, there have been plenty of cakes from its cast. But who does it best?

With this list, we’ll rank the cakiness from top to bottom. Do you agree? Sound off.

10. Tami – She was fine in the 90s but she doesn’t top the list.   All that fighting doesn’t help.

9. Shaunie O’Neal – She’s kept herself relatively together but she surrounded herself with superior cakes.

8. Meeka Claxton – She gives it the college try, but can’t crack the top 5.

7. Suzie – She can be a real banger whenever she puts her mind to it. You could do worse.

6. Kenya Bell – She may or may not have stabbed a guy…but she’s worth it.

5. Kesha Nichols – Now you’re in the big leagues. That pic is enough to get her a top five spot.

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    4. Royce – Man, she loves to show off those cakes but she’s a little too…um…out there for our liking.

    3. Jennifer Williams – She’s got goods and we’ve seen them (Google is your friend).

    2. Gloria Govan – It was a toss up between her and Jennifer really. But Gloria edges out by a tad.

    1. Evelyn Lozada – What can we say? She’s got the total package.

    Tune in as we take on a few other shows to see whose cakes reign supreme.

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