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Swirly Hollywood Couples We Love

Don’t you love television? And all the wondrous never-ending entertainment it provides. A lot of us are really into the relationship dramas that unfold before our eyes. And some of these relationships are of the swirly variety. And some of these swirly relationships totally took our hearts.

Let’s look at some of the interracial couples on TV we couldn’t get enough of.

Brad and Jane Williams – Happy Endings – This is possibly the funniest couple on TV. They are hilarious and you have to check them out.

Olivia And The Pres – Scandal – These two are all about drama…and we can’t get enough of it.

Sam And Addison – Private Practice – Well, we think we know how he makes it look so believable.

Coco and Ice-T – Ice Loves Coco – Yup, we’ll include reality especially in this case.

Lana and Archer – Archer – You are watching Archer, right? RIGHT?!

Veronica and Kevin – Shameless – Their story is as compelling as any one on television.

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Crosby and Janet – Parenthood – They’re just adorable and have some real issues that are interesting to see pan out.

Christina and Michael – Hawthorne – Though the show may be cancelled their love and off-screen rumors will live on forever.

Toni and Todd – Girlfriends – Though the show was cancelled, we still peep it on syndication. Todd was a good man and Toni was just wretched but they had their moments.


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