NO, DJ: 10 Songs DJs Should Stop Playing But Never Will

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There are party essentials like BBD “Poison,” Frankie Beverly & Maze “Before I Let Go” and Cameo “Candy”—the Holy trinity—that will never be frowned upon by 98% of Earth, unlike every song on this list. Lifetimes past their play-by date, these expired party favorites belong in memories, not active DJ playlists.

DJs, just let these songs die. PLEASE.

Cajmere “The Percolator” –

It’s not, nor will it ever be, time for the Percolator at any club, lounge, party or event in 2012. Maybe ten years ago, but not anymore in the 21st century.

Usher Feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris “Yeah” –

DJs still playing this should have every finger broken in multiple places. At this point, the act of playing this in public is domestic terrorism.

Beyonce “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” –

No artist makes better instructional ladies’ anthems than Bey Bey. That’s her lane. What she says, single women (and hoodrats) do. But, at some point, between her getting married and single women still being single, this stopped being must-play material.

Fatman Scoop Feat. Crooklyn Clan & Faith Evans “Be Faithful” –

Between DJ Khaled hyperventilating on club bangers, Bey Bey giving detailed instructions and Meek Mill rapping in ALL CAPS, clubs can be stressful. Too stressful for this to STILL be in heavy rotation like it’s 1998.

Cupid “Cupid Shuffle” –

It’s either this or “The Wobble.” We don’t need both.

LL Cool J “Head Sprung” –

There are two types of people in this world: Those who dance to
“Head Sprung” and those who stop dancing and stare blankly at the DJ. If you’re still dancing to this, you’re the problem.

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    Next “Too Close” –

    DJs continue to play this like it’s not A) one of the most played songs in the history of sound & B) the creepiest R&B song ever recorded. All of them, every single one, must be stopped.

    Wayne Wonder “No Letting Go” –

    Very few things in life are more cliché than DJs playing this at parties and the crowd clapping to the beat in unison. Why DJs refuse to let this go, only God Oprah knows.

    Rob Base& DJ EZ Rock “It Takes Two” –

    How many times do we really need to hear this during our lifetime? We’ve heard it during every school dance, college party and club event since ’88, before internet, cell phones and a plethora of different Lil Kim faces. It MUST go.

    DMX “Party Up (Up In Here)” –

    “THIS IS MY JAM!’– Has anyone said this since 1999?

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