Tough Times: Celebrities Who Went Broke In 2012

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Celebrities Who Went Broke In 2012

If you listen to our re-elected president Mr. Barack Obama, we are about to enter into a golden age where the recession is nothing but a shadow in our rear view mirrors. But for some, the year wasn’t so bountiful as a bevy of celebrities had to beg for more money as they are now unmistakably broke as hell.

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Warren Sapp –
He earned millions upon millions and is still owing $6.5 million to the IRS. And he has a job on NFL Network too!

Vince Young – He was on Twitter saying he needed a job because all of those $5,000 Cheesecake Factory

Allen Iverson – He’s losing $300K a month and making 1/5th that much.

Lauryn Hill – She’s heading to the clink for refusing to pay taxes…smh.

Young Buck –
He can’t even hardly afford his own damn name.

Terrell Owens – He got cut by his minor league team and can barely pay all that child support.

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    Evander Holyfield –
    He also has damn near a baker’s dozen of kids and he had his house foreclosed because he can’t deal with all of that.

    Beanie Sigel – He’s also going to clinktown for not paying off his taxes. Not gangsta, Beans.

    Chris Tucker –
    He is on tour right now to pay the IRS and get over his debt to the government. Maybe now he’s going to actually be not so broke anymore.

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    • pliedes

      Thanks so much for including how and why these celebs went broke. So very informative. Great job. Other sites just show a pic and a poorly spelled, poorly thought out caption underneath. But not you guys.

    • batman


    • endlesstom331

      It seems that only the black people went broke in 2012

    • Woody

      All of them are black. No suprise they all voted for Obama tax cuts and handouts.

    • Ace

      Lol they are all black because thats who the editors chose, there were black, white, asian, and hispanics went broke in 2012. You cater to your audience.

    • Ray

      Yeah. Like other non-black celebrities pay all their taxes.

    • andy

      This is incredibly racist

    • gsnjradio

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