Black…Power? Celebrities Who Got Called Uncle Toms And Sellouts…Did They Deserve It?

- By Bossip Staff
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Celebrities Called Sellouts

Ever since the days of black face and blaxploitation, we’ve all been trying to make sure that not too many celebrities go out in the world and embarrass us. It’s a tough task because so many people are out there trying to earn some quick money no matter how much they set black people back.

Here are some celebrities accused of setting us all back…did they all deserve the criticism?

Flavor Flav – His show was an embarrassment, but it’s hard to reconcile that with the fact he was also a member of Public Enemy.

Tyler Perry – People like Spike Lee don’t take too kindly to Perry running around dressed like a woman and saying “Hallelujerrrr.”

The Wayans Brothers – They’ve been accused of making comedy that set us back, especially back when White Girls came out.

Condoleeza Rice – She was on George Bush’s cabinet. Nothing says “sellout” like that…or does it?

Herman Cain –He was an embarrassment to black politics…good thing that was done.

Soulja Boy – His music was absolutely ridiculous and people said he was cooning his music. SMH.

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    Chris Tucker –
    Remember 5th Element? He was wearing the wig and acting a little too crazy? He got a lot of criticism as setting black characters back. But it launched his career.

    Jar Jar Binks – He’s not real but boy did this character set people back big time. It breaks our hearts to see Star Wars so racist.

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