Where’s My Stylist? The 10 Worst-Dressed Rappers In The Game Right Now

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Worst-Dressed Rappers

Remember when rappers used to affect trends and determine what was hot in fashion? We used to want to wear throwbacks and Timbs and big clothes just like them. Now, when we see these rappers we just shake our heads at how stupid they look. It’s a damn shame.

We scoured through all the horrible outfits to pick the worst-dressed rappers in the game right at this very moment. Warning, it gets ugly really quickly.

Nicki Minaj – She looks a lot like a Power Rangers villain these days don’t you think?

Kanye West – A kilt, dog? A KILT?!

Lil Wayne –
He looks like something Mario would fight.

A$AP Rocky – Dude looks weirdly like the most hobo-est guy in America.

Chief Keef – We know he’s just 16 but he looks dusty and fresh out of jail without wearing any damn shirts.

2Chainz – What happens when you dress in the dark?

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    Foxy Brown – Is that the Penguin? Because it looks like the Penguin. We sure that’s not the Penguin?

    Drake – Eff is up with those damn silk shirts? Dude looks like sheets on an adult film bed.

    Tyga – He looks like K-Ci reborn in the form of a mediocre rapper.

    Lil B – Deepest. V. Neck. Ever.

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