Nope x 10: Worst Fads of 2012

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Most people would press reset on 2012 if they could. It’s easily the most stressful year in recent history, where adored celebs died in sevens, sickos shot up schools and adult men dressed like Wet Seal mannequins. Worst year ever, with ten of the worst fads in Pop culture history. Hopefully, 2013 is better. Things can’t get any worse.

Here are the ten worst crazes of 2012. Take a look.

Grown Men Dressing Like Willow Smith –

Dudes didn’t always dress like Denise Huxtable, Punky Brewster or Zoobilee Zoo characters, but they do today. Grown a$$ men (not named Kanye) slithering into leather kilts tutus and liquidy leggings, or dresses, and we lettin em.

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Words…on Instagram –

Posting paragraphs, thesis statements, dissertations, soliloquys, haikus and sonnets on a PHOTO SHARING APP is a hate crime against humanity. Harriet didn’t lead our ancestors to freedom for words to be posted on Instagram.

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Stiletto Nails –

Bedazzled Gargoyle claws. Why?

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YOLO Mentality –

YOLO, like ‘lol’ and ‘no shade,’ is a golden ticket allowing people to make terrible decisions or insult you without consequences. It’s basically Carpe Diem’s evil twin for those obsessed with gettin their die on. Top 5 worst movement ever.

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Pic Stitches –

Failure in 4D. Nope x 4. Four reminders why we hate your judgment. STOP this.

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Permanent Artwork on Face –

Celebs worth millions can get random Hieroglyphics, Japanese symbols, Boosie lyrics and dead Presidents tatted on their face because that’s what celebs do. If you did, you’d be forever unemployed. Life’s not fair.

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    Live-Tweeting Every Real-Life Activity –

    Contrary to popular self-important attention slore belief, it’s OK to actually put your phone away and enjoy outings without live-tweeting them unless it’s an empty Joe Budden concert. No one will ever believe you’re having the time of your life AND tweeting. Nope. Sorry.

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    “_____ Flow” –

    Nobody cares that you’re somewhere, doing something. That’s usually what people do: Things, at places. Why every ‘flow’ needs to be announced like it’s somehow not a common activity is one of 2012’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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    Booty Shots –

    Air pockets in jeans where additional booty meat should be saddens everyone but should never inspire women to inject Fix-A-Flat into their booty cheeks. Embrace your flaws. Someone will love you.

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    ’90s Babies Recycling & Remixing Past Fads –

    Adding a swaggy Wiz Khalifa streak to a high-top fade or Gumby doesn’t make them any less recycled. Jean vests, five-finger rings and snapbacks? Been there, done that. It’s cool to pay homage to past eras but acting like YOU made it hot? Nah, kids.

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