Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Puppy Nearly Dragged To Death After Bitter Missouri Mom Has It Tied To Her Ex’s Truck!?!?

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This bitter lunatic had her 13-year-old son tie the poor puppy up…after her ex gifted the lil’ guy to her 5-year-old daughter.

According to The Daily Mail, Trooper is recovering after being dragged down the highway:

A woman has been charged with felony animal cruelty after she allegedly tied a pit bull puppy behind her ex-husband’s car before he unwittingly dragged the dog behind him for a mile along a highway.

Benetta Johnson, 41, is accused of instructing her 13-year-old son to tie the puppy behind the truck in a bid to secretly return the dog the man had given to her 5-year-old daughter as a present.

Victor Washington, 39, of St Louis, Missouri, has said that he didn’t know the puppy – now named Trooper – was attached to his vehicle on the morning of November 21 before he drove off – a claim St Louis police say is supported by surveillance footage outside his home.

Heading into work that morning, Mr Washington was on I-55 when a woman frantically signaled for him to stop.

Once he pulled over, he made a discovery so horrifying that he fled about 100 yards to escape its sight.

Crumpled and bloody, he said the dog never made a sound while lying limp on the roadway.

I was just so devastated by what I saw,’ Mr Washington told the St Louis Post-Dispatch. ‘It still makes me emotional just thinking about it.’

He initially told police he had never seen the dog before, not realizing it as the puppy he had given to Johnson’s daughter several months earlier.

It was a gift Johnson had tried to return to him before.

Washington said it was only after a flurry of media attention to capture the culprit – with rewards doubling to $5,000 – that he texted Johnson, asking: ‘Please tell me you still have that dog.’

‘She told me she did,’ he told the paper.

But weeks before the incident, he said Johnson called him complaining about the puppy, saying the animal was sick and too timid.

She wanted him to take the dog back but he admits having been upset by the request and brushed it off.

Footage taken outside Washington’s apartment complex on the night of November 20 shows a car pull up to his truck around 10pm.

He recognized it as his ex-wife’s.

Her son can then be seen leading the animal to the back of the truck, attaching him to the hitch of the trailer, and walking away.

Mr Washington said that he likely did not see the canine because it was either hiding or taking a snooze under the truck.

‘He must have been asleep,’ Mr Washington said. ‘She said he was a really shy dog, so maybe he didn’t want to come out if he saw me.’

Johnson was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of felony animal abuse.

Mr Washington doesn’t think Johnson intended for him to take off with the dog tied to his truck.

He told the Post-Dispatch: ‘This whole situation is just so sad. Sad for the dog. Sad for my ex-wife. I mean, just because she’s my ex-wife I don’t want to see her go to jail. She has kids,’ he said.

‘It was an ignorant mistake she made. But she is a sweet person, and I don’t think she would just leave him there thinking this would happen,’ he said after her arrest.

Today, the golden pit bull once bandaged from his ears down to his toes, is recuperating under close watch at the Humane Society of Missouri after his harrowing rescue.

Seen today with two leg casts, a raw right ear and a soft knit jersey made for a baby over his body for warmth, Trooper’s status has largely improved.

The puppy, which doctors feared may not survive, was admitted with exposed tissue and bone.

The humane society reports that along with numerous treats, cards and donations coming in, they have had ‘overwhelming’ interest to adopt the dog.

They say that due to the extent of his injuries, however, they expect a still long road to recovery before he is able to leave veterinarians’ care.

That’s an opportunity Mr Washington hopes he’s equally entitled to.

‘I owe that much to that puppy,’ he told the Post-Dispatch, promising he’d give it a good home. ‘Because I gave it to the wrong people.’

Do you think she knew what she was doin’ and just didn’t give an ish?

Images via Missouri Humane Society/facebook

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