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Men Who Got Two Women Pregnant At Once

It’s hard enough having one baby momma. But two? At the same time? These men made some huge mistakes with their lives. In attempts to simply get the drawls, they wound up getting not one but two women pregnant. AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

How sorry do you have to be to have that happen? Sheesh.

Let’s take a look at these dummies and see how it happened.

Antonio Cromartie – He’s got damn near a dozen kids in the last couple of years, so you know there’s overlap.

Lil Wayne – He got Lauren London and Nivea pregnant, but they seem to be one big happy fun bunch.

Shawn Kemp – His kids rank in the double figures with a few overlapping. Sadly.

Oscar De La Hoya – He’s got five kids from four women..that he’s claimed. The extras that came at the same time he’s always denied.

T.I. – Two of his middle kids are the same damn age…Tiny is willing to overlook it so we’re good.

Freeway – He once rapped that he had a son and a daughter four months apart. …Think that’s true?

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Dominic Raiola – He’s a Detroit Lion who came under fire for his mistress and wife getting pregnant at the same time.



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