Ballin’ Raw: Athletes With Three Or More Baby Mommas

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Athletes With 3 Or More Baby Mommas

If there’s any group of people who can produce more baby mommas than rappers, it’s gotta be athletes. From NBA ballers to NFL tough guys, they get with groupies and can’t pronounce the word “Trojan.” As a result, they have more baby mommas than a little bit.

Here are some rappers that dove into the End Zone without any helmets and ended up with at least three baby mommas. SMH.

Antonio Cromartie – He fathered nine children with eight women in six states. No wonder he couldn’t remember their names.

Shawn Kemp – The exact number is still out but rumor says anywhere from seven to nine baby mommas.

Dwight Howard – He’s a Bible-lover so clearly he wants to be the next Soloman with at least three baby mommas on his watch already.

Calvin Murphy – He’s an old-school Houston Rocket with 14 kids and nine baby mommas.

Travis Henry – He’s a former Denver Bronco with 11 kids and 10 baby mommas.

Terrell Owens – He has four baby mommas and three of them showed up on Dr. Phil. Yikes.

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    Evander Holyfield – He has 11 kids with eight women and they’re all coming for his neck!

    Mike Tyson – He has eight kids with an undisclosed amount of women…definitely more than three.

    Kenny Anderson –
    He has seven kids with five women…maybe he deserves a reality show of his own.

    Ray Lewis –
    He has six kids with four women. Looks like he stabs more than…nevermind.

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