Grow Up? Naaaah: Top 10 Unpopular New Year’s Resolutions

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Every year, people reheat the same 9 NYE resolutions like leftovers to seem “progressive” while ignoring the purplish-blue elephants in their room. Everyone wants to grow but very few actually want to stop living the trife life.

Here are the ten most unpopular New Year’s Resolutions. Take a look.


More reality, less delusion –

No, “everyone” doesn’t say you look like [Insert celebrity here]. No, “everyone” didn’t “beg” you to start that corny blog. No, “everyone” isn’t jealous of you and your Juicy Couture management position. Grow up.


Care more about YOUR OWN kids than celebrity kids –

Arguing with complete strangers on the internet about lil KimYe while your kids fight over the last Vienna Sausage? Don’t let this be you.

Christina Aguilera

Stop being a terrible friend –

Waaaaaaaay too many sloppily-obese chicks squeezed into glittery ziplock bags for NYE parties and the proof is on Instagram. Be a better friend in 2013.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West watch LA Lakers, Los Angeles, CA.

Embrace Privacy –

Screenshots killed chivalry and destroyed millions of lives in 2012. Adults don’t share personal interactions with everyone, 6th graders do.

Plastic bandage on broken piggy bank on top of pile of coins 3

Stop living outside your means –

Living like a KING (or QUEEN) on a minimum wage salary has to be stressful. Do you really NEED 7986 TV channels? DO YOU?


More respect for your fellow man (and woman) –

Paying with cash (or checks) in the express lane, swerving across lanes without turn signals and farting in crowded elevators are three things that, if stopped, would make the world a much better place.

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    karrine steffans jamie foxx

    Stop smashing everyone, and everything, Ho –

    Smashing the homies, strangers from clubs and Twitter followers in the name of YOLO doesn’t make you a “free spirit,” it makes you a stone-cold slore. Slow down and respect yourself or live with ALL the STDs.


    Follow through when fake outraged –

    Blink and you missed the uproar over Chick-fil-a funding anti-gay groups. On Monday, everyone united, held hands and vowed to never eat there again until Sunday when it’s impossible NOT to crave Chick-fil-a. Stand strong or STFU, please.

    "Hustle & Flow" Memphis Premiere

    Turn your ratchet down –

    At some point between 27-30, you should evolve. And by evolve, we mean stop letting your inner-Juicy J flourish when you have to work in the morning. You can’t be ratchet forever.


    Keep your unhealthy relationship(s) off social networking sites –

    “Keep your relationship off Twitter” – Coretta Scott King.

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