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New Year’s Resolutions People Break

It’s January 4th. That means 73 percent of you have already broken your New Year’s resolutions. That also means we made up that statistic. Sue us. But the fact remains most of the NYE resolutions we see on Twitter and Facebook wind up broker than anyone signed to Bad Boy.

So we’re going to call you out. Here are the resolutions most people promise but end up breaking.

1. I’m Gonna Lose Weight – Aren’t we all?

2. Drama Free In The 2-0-1-3! – Everyone wants to avoid the drama this year, but when that first chick steps on your heels it’s on.

3. No More Getting Wasted – You probably made this one hungover on the first…and went out for drinks.

4. I’m Going To Find Love – How’s that working for you?

5. Gonna Stop Ho’ing – You probably said this after waking up next to a stranger on the first. Then rolled over and got some more.

6. I’ll Stop Smoking – Didn’t you promise that last year?

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7. This Year I’m Getting Pregnant – Well you might…but you might want to make sure your ducks are in a row first.

8. I’m Going To Save Money – Do you have your plan yet? If not, you’re behind.

9. I’m Going To Travel The World – Everyone wants to do this but it takes a lot more planning than you’d think.

10. No More Flix – Okay, no one really makes this resolution. But you’d fail anyway.


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