Papa Is A Rolling Stone: Mick Jagger Still Has Baby Mama Drama With Mother Of His Swirly Love Child

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via Daily Mail:

Unable to work in the final weeks of her pregnancy, a hard-up Marsha reluctantly contacted Mick to ask for money. He sent her a relatively miserly $322.51 and when their daughter, Karis, was born on November 4, 1970, at St Mary’s hospital in Paddington, she went through the birth alone.

It was several days before he deigned to put in an appearance. It would be one of only a handful of times he would make time to see the baby. When, finally, Marsha snapped and accused him of neglecting their child, he brutally told her he had never loved her.

Marsha, who loyally kept the identity of her daughter’s father a secret from the world, was forced to bring her up without almost any financial help from the stingy Mick.

Chris O’Dell, who worked as Jagger’s personal assistant in the early Seventies, told me: ‘I never remember him talking about their child. In fact, I wasn’t aware of a baby being around at all. It was almost like Karis didn’t exist.’

When the infant was scalded by hot tea in an accident and needed to spend ten days in a private hospital, the $120 cost of her treatment, which the millionaire Jagger promised to meet, was not forthcoming.

Finally, after trying and failing to persuade him to set up a $40,300 trust fund for the child, Miss Hunt’s lawyers formulated a sting. She arranged to meet Jagger at the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens and her lawyers jumped out to serve a paternity suit on him.

In June 1973, Marsha launched a court action and after three hearings, Mick agreed to pay into a $16,125 trust for Karis, plus $806 a year, in an out-of-court deal. However, Jagger’s lawyers bizarrely insisted his former lover sign papers saying he was not the father.

‘I don’t know why Mick did that because he told me at the time that Karis was his child,’ Jagger’s ex-girlfriend Catherine James told me.

‘I think the problem was that Marsha wanted something from him — i.e. money. At the beginning, she had told him she would deal with everything to do with the baby herself.

‘She’d said: “Don’t worry about this. I’m going to care of it.” And then she was suing him. I think that put Mick off, to say the least.

‘He wouldn’t have anything to do with her. I actually got to know Marsha at that time and she didn’t like him very much. She was very angry with him.’

SMH. We don’t blame her for being angry either.

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