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Plan on keeping that New Year’s resolution? Then you might wanna keep away from these fast food favorites..

8 Fast Food Items With The Highest Calorie And Fat Count

Fast food is convenient, addictive and even tasty. And to make matters worse, it’s every where you look. But if you don’t want to tip the scale in the wrong direction, you might want to tip toe right back out of your favorite fast food chain and opt for a healthier meal.

But if you can’t run and hide from that super-sized #10 just yet, a good start would be to at least not indulge in the menu items that are sure to have you breaking that New Year’s resolution before the first month of the year even ends.

Some of these will surprise you, and some you already know….but it always helps to see EXACTLY how bad you’re hurting your health if you want a fresh start. Choosing a Chicken sandwich over a burger or a personal pan over a large pizza might be doing more damage than you think.

So here’s a look at  a few of The Daily Meal list of the most unhealthy  menu items from some of your favorite fast food restaurants….



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