Get Real: We Don’t Buy Any Of These Guys’ Wannabe Tough Guy Personas At All

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Tough Guy Personas Nobody Is Buying

Tough guys. They’re everywhere threatening to kick someone’s butt or call goons around to handle business or whatever it is fake tough guys say to intimidate. But deep down we know they’re not tough. Take a look at some real fake tough guys who we don’t believe even if they have more people.


Chris Brown – He’s threatened to beat up everyone who noticed he beat up his girlfriend once. But he punked out when Drizzy threw Moscato at him.


Drake – He pops off about catching bodies but who believes he’d bust a grape in a fruit fight?

LaLa and Carmelo

Carmelo Anthony – He was standing by the bus to beat up Kevin Garnett but we all remember Melo backtracking while punching a Knick years ago. We’ve seen you fight, dude.


Kevin Garnett – KG is the biggest isht talker in the league but he’s just a bully with no bite.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 - Audience and Show

Rick Ross – No…just…no.


Cassidy – He posed for a video with a bunch of gangmembers that threatened Rozay. The Condom Style trying to be hood? Right.

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    Katt Williams – He runs around saying he’s like Pac or something but he slapped a Target employee like he was hard. Right.

    Ray Benzino

    Benzino – Be as swole as you want, but nobody will get past your soft reality show ways.

    Nicki Minaj promotes her new fragrance "Pink Friday"

    Nicki Minaj – All that talk with Mariah didn’t lead to anything. In fact, we didn’t believe you with Lil Kim, boo boo.

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