Girl YAAASSS: Top 10 White Men Black Women Love

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Channing Tatum

Black women are more open to the swirl than ever before due to the dateable “Cliff Huxtable”-shortage in our communities. If given the opportunity, most would gleefully-bussit open for the Nubian white Kings on this list. Ten years ago? Naaah, but it’s a new day in a more open-minded America.

Here are the ten white men who Black women love. Take a look.


Channing Tatum –

He’s easily one of the worst actors in Hollywood but that will never matter to 98% of Black women who wouldn’t hesitate to let Channing have his way with them, for several minutes, everywhere, at every angle. In slow motion.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling –

Brothas need to accept that their main chick, side-piece, fiancé or wife would leave them for Hollywood’s IT actor and there’s nothing they could do about it.


Justin Timberlake –

JT’s the cool, incredibly-talented “something new” who most Black women would feel comfortable bringing home to their close-minded families. Not too ratchet and wiggerish, he’s the swirly prototype.

Paul Walker shirtless

Paul Walker –

Thousands of Black women mentally cheated on their man during “Takers” and will never admit it. Some even left the theater pregnant.


Joe Biden –

President Obama’s charismatic point man vaporized panties with smirks and witty quips during the Vice Presidential debate. At some point during the DNC, millions of women found themselves strangely attracted to the wily ’ole silver fox.

Adam Levine Maroon 5

Adam Levine (Maroon 5) –

Very few Black women can resist the soulful vanilla crooner with sultry vocals and tat-scribbled arms. He’s their kryptonite.

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    Matthew McConaughey –

    Black Man’s Bible, Genesis 2:9: “Never leave thine queen around Matthew McConaughey for she will be lost forever”


    Bradley Cooper –

    Somewhat new to the spotlight, he’s slowly slithering into those “sexiest white man alive” conversations at the Beauty Shop.


    Bill Clinton –

    There’s something about dirty ’ole Bill that Black women have always loved (despite his Stevie J behavior). Like Obama, he’s impossibly-cool, ambitious and charming to highly-educated, Oprah-loving Black woman.


    Johnny Depp –

    When he’s not frolicking around unbathed and filthy like most of his characters, he’s one of the more swooned over actors in Hollywood.

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    • lynda boyle

      johnny depp an a few others are scrumptios an awesome fathers an husbands or boboyfriends. i say it’s the womens loss !!!

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