10 Common Lies Celebrities Tell That Nobody Believes Any More

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Common Lies Celebrities Tell

We know better than to believe what celebrities tell us, right? So many of them go out there and lie to us, making false promises or claims that none of us believe. Oh, we may have believed them at one point, but not anymore.

We know better.

So get ready: here are 10 lies we hear all the time from celebrities. We don’t believe you, you need more people!

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z goof around on the set of the new music video for 'Suit & Tie' in Los Angeles. The pair joked around as Justin held an umbrella to keep them dry as they walked back to the trailers.

“I’m Retiring” – Nobody retires. They either get irrelevant or die.

Perpetrators – Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco


“I’m From The Streets” – No, you’re from the burbs and you’re a perpetrator.

Perpetrators – Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, 7,000 other rappers.


“I Don’t Do Drugs” – We all know better. Nine times out of 10 if you’re famous you’ve dabbled.

Perpetrators – Michael Phelps, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong

"Parker" premiere

“No I Never Made Homemade Flick” –
If you’ve had sex, you’ve filmed it. That’s law.

Perpetrators – Jennifer Lopez, Chad Ochocinco

Dr. Dre and his wife go to Beverly Hills for the David Geffen party.

“My New Album Is Coming Soon” – This is the most frustrating. Stop getting our hopes up!!!

Perpetrators – Dr. Dre, Andre 3000, Young Jeezy


“I Don’t Chop Down Groupies” – Easy access to good-good and you think we believe you don’t go in at least once? Please.

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    Perpetrators – Every. Guy Ever.

    Tiger Elin2

    “I’m faithful to my partner” – Are you famous? Well, then this is probably a lie.

    Perpetrators – Everyone who ever got caught cheating

    Allen Iverson returns to Philadelphia to cheer on the 76ers against the Boston Celtics

    “I’m Rich!” – You may think you are but you have less money than you thought you did, buddy. Still, that stuntin’ is a lie.

    Perpetrators – Allen Iverson, Rick Ross, Terrell Owens


    “I’m Not Racist” – If you have to say this, then you probably are. And we know it.

    Perpetrators – Republicans, FOX news

    Grammy winning artist Ne-Yo performs at Nikki Beach St. Barths on New Years Eve. L.A. Reid stopped by to wish Ne-Yo a Happy New Year.

    “I Like Having Sex With Women” – The game is full of suspects

    Perpetrators – No Comment

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    • your stupid

      Dr dre and andre 3000 are the same person. This horrible article was made solely for page clicks

    • smh

      Dr. Dre and Andre 3000 are NOT the same person. Andre 3000 is the second half of the group Outkast. And it’s you’re not your. Smh

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