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People Who Mooched On Others For Success

Don’t you wish you had some rich friends you could mooch off of and get your own career from the fame. Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, unfortunately we don’t have a bunch of rich buddies to ride all the way to success. But these people do!

So let’s take a look at some famous people who are famous for having famous friends.

Rap superstar Jay-Z (right) performs with Memphis Bleek at the SECC

Memphis Bleek – He’s Jay’s sidekick and he isn’t nearly a good rapper. But Jay’s famous so he’s eating.


The Kardashians –Their sister banged Ray J on camera and they’re all eating off of that fame.

Consequence Erica Mena

Consequence – He was rapping before but he didn’t really make any waves until Kanye put him on. Now he’s biting the hand that feeds him.


Tony Yayo – He carries 50 Cent’s bags and is a millionaire because of it. He raps a bit too.

Chris Bosh, Adrienne Bosh, Trinity Bosh Christmas With Chris Bosh At 'Santa Bosh's Workshop

Chris Bosh – He’d be rich on his own, but he was part of the Big Three because Wade and James wanted him to tag along on their team.

Keep A Child Alive's Black Ball Redux 2012 in New York [NO Germany, Austria]

Gayle – Oprah definitely put her on and she owes the Big O all her money.

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    The Braxtons – If it weren’t for Toni they’d be just some random chicks trying to sing.


    Frankie – Keyshia Cole’s momma is famous for being the craziest momma on the planet. And we all have to Keyshia to thank for it.


    Lil Cease – Biggie made him relevant. Biggie dying made him more relevant.

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