You Know It’s True: Top 10 Worthless Group Members Part 2

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There’s always that one in the group that we all know is useless but we tolerate anyway. After Pt. 1, it was clear that many of you agreed so, naturally, we HAD to make a Pt. 2.

Here are ten more worthless group members. Take a look.


T-Boz, TLC

Be honest, you never really liked T-Boz, that silly azz hairstyle or her “Moe” from “The Simpsons” vocals. You just tolerated her because you loved TLC as a group. And that’s cool, because most people secretly feel this way but will never admit it.


Diddy, Diddy-Dirty Money

The “Last Train To Paris” album was actually kinda dope when Diddy wasn’t all in the way, sabotaging Dawn and Estelle Kalenna’s vocals like only he can. At some point, Diddy just needs to sit his ass down somewhere forever.


Woody, Dru Hill

After 17 years, Dru Hill fans still don’t know the widely-ignored member’s purpose. In fact, it’s one of R&B’s greatest unsolved mysteries that no one cares enough about to investigate.

0000011282_500 & Taboo, Black Eyed Peas

Before the glow sticks and glitter, they were both key members of the Pop supergroup and then everything changed. Now they just exist in’s shadow as stage decoration/background dancers.


“The other two,” Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge will always be remembered as a four-member duo. What “the other two” did during their run, only the twins know.


75% of Soul For Real

Soul For Real was a poor, blind, crippled man’s Jackson 5 (minus one) with members no one can name without Google. We just know they were brothers, with the youngest being the face of the two hit-wonder group.

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    Drag-on, Ruff Ryderz

    The fire-obsessed bozo always found a way to spell his name on tracks with all kinds of hyphens, dashes, commas and random punctuation that didn’t belong. Aside from his memorable “Ruff Ryders Anthem” verse, his entire existence was stressful.


    Mike, 112

    His only purpose was to speak for the group during interviews and sign everyone’s name on posters during in-stores. Other than that, it’s unclear what his role in 112 was.


    Group Member #4, Xscape

    Not LaTocha. Not Tiny. Not Kandi. The…other one, in R&B’s roughest looking female group of all-time.


    U-God, Wu-Tang Clan

    The only hated Wu member had the uncanny ability to ruin perfectly-dope records. If you loved it, he would jump out the bushes onto the track and make you hate it. FAWK U-God.

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    • J. Christ

      T-boz sung most of the leads so how was she useless and I liked her hairstyles

    • Msadams513

      GTFOH! I love T-boz she was the lead on all their songs how could you say you love TLC but not the person singing the songs that made you love them? All these ladies where important to the group but if you wanna label somebody worthless I would think Chili

    • baddgurlriri

      T-boz was the lead singer.

    • Mpho

      That’s ridiculous! T-Boz was TLC

    • jennellabella

      Chilli is the worthless one on the group!! All she wanted to do is dance

    • honest hoe

      T-boz unimportant???? GTFOH….

    • fed up

      Whoever wrote this article sounds real dumb. Tboz was the lead voice of TLC. If she was worthless then so too was the whole group. Go sit down please and shut your pie hole.

    • Yahnae


    • Melly

      Yall really can’t be serious about T-boz! She was the lead singer of TLC and the one that put in the most work…GTFOH

    • tonya

      Chilli was the one who was useless, she always thought she was the fine one in the group like she still do, then had a show to find a man, all that fine. Girl bye!!

    • soleaddict80

      I do not understand how the writer of this article could miss the uniqueness of Tboz’s voice in this group. Whoever wrote this musta been born in the yr 2k!

    • soleaddict80

      We didnt tolerate her voice, we LOVED IT!!!!!

    • JustQua


    • kaykay

      Okay….stop right there t-boz was very influential member in TLC…tf u talkin bout???

    • JL

      T-Boz?!? WTF. Chili is useless. All she does is hum in the background and share a hook. Did Chili write this article?

    • frankyi

      Tboz was lead and her and lefteye wrote a lot of their songz so chilli was the worthless one sry

    • tamara

      STFU!! Tboz has one of the most unique voice ever in music, she’s one of the most liked, ALL of rem are,no more no less, this YOUR opinion

    • Chicago77

      T-Boz?!?! Are you out of your frickin minds ? She was so fly

    • yoyo

      T-Boz is the business!!!!!..Shut the fuk up!!!!

    • shuvonneco von macklin

      I love T-Boz she is amazing I love her voice style

    • BengaH

      Who the hell wrote this article gotta be half retarded! It wouldn’t be a group with out T-boz idiot! This is disrespectful and need to be retracted!

    • zilly

      You people must be blind, It doesn’t take a scientist to know that, this site that claims to be for black is only putting black against black. Then you people are so quick to dis your own people. Wake up people, wake up

    • This is a job! This ain't a adventure!

      Lol at everybody defendind T-Boz (which I agree with, T was this ish) and not the other folks. But to be hones T Boz is the only one they got wrong.

    • hi

      the comments about xscape and wu tang clan were hilarious

    • MVP

      How could you not have raz-b from b2k on here or did I miss it

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