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Why Nobody Should Feel Bad For Chris Brown

Chris Brown is sad. He feels like you guys are still wrongfully persecuting him for beating up Rihanna and not having any punishment. You guys are so mean. Breezy hasn’t taken too kindly to all the shots his way. He wants you to feel bad for him.

Pish posh! Nobody feels bad for him! And here are 10 reasons why.

1. He May Or May Not Have Done Any Community Service – The sentence for bashing Rihanna’s face against the window was to do some community service. He’s now in court to determine if he even did the community service or faked it. SMH.

2. He’s Still Chopping Down Rihanna – Why cry for him when he’s still chopping down the woman he feels had the world coming down on him?

3. He May Or May Not Be A Homophobe – So remember when Breezy went off on Raz B with all sorts of slurs, then he apparently had issue with Frank Ocean, too? Hmmm..

4. He Dirty-Dogged Karrueche – He toyed with baby girl and kicked her to the curb like a little homeless urchin.

5. People Are Still Buying His Albums – His last album sold 150,000 in its first week so it’s not like he’s hurting in that department.

6. He Keeps Complaining – Dude, just stop. Take your lumps and get over it.

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7. He’s Sort Of An Attention Slore – Waving that new relationship with Rihanna in everyone’s face is a bad idea, dude.

8. He Should Probably Fight Someone Who Can Fight Back –
Rihanna, Drake and Frank Ocean aren’t necessarily the hardest of the bunch. So stop acting hard and trying to beat up these people.

9. He Hasn’t Learned To Treat Women Right – He snatched a cell phone from one chick and threatened to poo on another woman via Twitter. Yeah, he hasn’t learned his lesson.

10. He’s Still Rich As Hell – It’s not like he lost any money through all this. Don’t feel bad.



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