Man Up! Women Who Demanded Their Men Put A Ring On It

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Women Who Demanded That Men Propose

Guys, if you’ve ever been in this position you know how it is to have a woman pressuring you to put a ring on it. When a woman wants a man to propose, she’s serious about her isht. The pressure builds and the beads of sweat form and it’s tough to handle.

These celebrities have had to deal with that wrath. So take a look and sympathize with these struggles.

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Chrissy Teigen – She loves being John Legend’s beard so much that she is going to hit the road if he doesn’t pop that question. What will he do?


Jennifer Aniston – Whenever she had a man after Brad, she was all about getting hitched. She pressured every man and scared them off smh.


Rihanna – Rumors have been swirling that Rihanna is ready for Breezy to get serious with her. Very serious. He gotta officially drop Karr bear first. Has he done that yet?

Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly – She wanted to lock down Derek Jeter for good but he was reluctant and would rather enjoy the bachelor life. Ain’t that something?


Jessica Biel – She pressured J Timberlake until he broke down and made it happen. About damn time.

jennifer hudson

Jennifer Hudson –
She wants to get married but he doesn’t want to do the prenup. Sounds like an issue there.

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    kanye fiance

    Alexis – She wanted them to get engaged so bad, then called it off after the calamity of his career took over. Sheesh


    Kristin Cavalari – She was deadset on getting married and had to settle with Cutler sending her a text. How ya like that?

    Lebron James PF

    Savannah Brinson – She wasn’t having that “I’m gonna move to Miami” stuff until he proposed, so he had to go ahead and do it.

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