Full Beyonce On Oprah Interview Crying (Wanting Another Child With Jay-Z): Also What We Learned From “Life Is But A Dream” [Video]

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If you are a Beyonce fan and missed Life Is But A Dream with the touching footage of Jay-Z singing Coldplay’s “Yellow” to Bey, then… you missed one of the most intimate insights we have ever seen from pop icons.

We learned so much about Beyonce last night from the HBO Documentary… hit the flip to check it as well as the full Oprah interview…


Destiny’s Child found out they were #1 on the charts while filming Bootylicious and her relationship with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams looks genuine.


To suggest that this woman is “not of this world” or doesn’t deal with the real life problems that a lot of us have gone through is delusional and untrue. Her vulnerability, mostly, is uncontrolled.

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The Jay-Z and Beyonce love is understandable now. We can see how they could be in love and MOST PEOPLE wish they had something like the power couple have.


Beyonce is pro-women and wants women to have her back, sincerely.


Beyonce sees herself as big as we see her. She feels she has a responsibility artistically to deliver… and even if you are not a fan you can still appreciate her talent.

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Parents are instrumental in shaping a child’s life.

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    Stand up for yourself… whether it be family or business, but make boundaries and don’t be afraid to put your foot down and be demanding.

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    “Beyonce is Vaaaain!” Not saying she doesn’t have a right to be self absorbed, being that she’s the biggest act in the world, but we did notice that the documentary itself takes a level of selfishness to do in the first place…

    Beyonce | Next Chapter (FULL EPISODE) by Ashley_Miller_3

    This is intimate and telling.


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