Swirl R&B Royalty: Top 10 ‘Blue-Eyed Soul’ Crooners

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There’s nothing more intriguing to Black people than soulful white singers with sultry falsettos. If you can SANG and dance (on beat) while white, we’ll love you, and celebrate you with lists like this during Black History Month. For years, many felt they “stole” our culture when they were really just inspired by it.

Shout out to the OG Blue-Eyed Soul crooner Bobby Caldwell!

Here are the ten hottest Blue-Eyed Soul crooners. Take a look.


Justin Timberlake

JT’s the definitive Blue-Eyed Soul wonder who took R&B/Pop to a different level with the sonically-stunning “FutureSexLoveSounds.” After a seven year hiatus, ALL eyes are back on him as he promotes his highly-anticipated comeback “The 20/20 Experience” in stores March 19th.


Robin Thicke

Seems like a lifetime ago when the super-cool lady killer resembled white Jesus in his debut video (“When I Get You Alone”). Currently embroiled in a mid-career crisis (blame JT), he’ll always be somewhat relevant because of his A) timeless sophomore album “Evolution of Robin Thicke” and B) healthy swirlationship with Paula Patton.


Jon B.

The original Nubian White King with the panty-melting falsetto changed everything with his classic Pac collab (“Are You Still Down?”). At some point, his life fell apart but we’ll never forget the undeniable “Cool Relax.”


John Mayer

No artist plucks heartstrings (literally and figuratively) like the misunderstood Bluesy-Pop rebel known for soul-piercing riffs and deeply-personal lyrics. Love/HATE him, you can’t deny his raw talent.

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Adam Levine, Maroon 5

Very few Black women can resist tat-scribbled vanilla crooners and the Maroon 5 frontman proves this. Daily. Extremely-sarcastic and witty, with an impressive catalog, he’s one of the 20 white men Black women love.

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Remy Shand

The Canadian crooner (with beanies in every color) gave the world a critically-acclaimed R&B/Soul album when JT and Robin were still finding themselves, musically. Then fell off the planet. At the time, he was “next” but that was 10 years and 13 Lil Kim faces ago.

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    Michael Bublé

    Comparing the polished crooner to Sinatra or Astaire is completely unfair, but natural, whenever you hear his upscale Nu-Jazz in ballrooms, swanky eateries or Nordstrom. Not familiar? You should be.

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    Jay Kay, Jamiroquai

    Rarely mentioned in Blue-Eyed Soul discussions, the soulfully-quirky Jamiroquai frontman oozed pure swag in the classic “Virtual Insanity” video. Top 25 video…ever? It’s possible.


    Mayer Hawthorne

    He’s easily the coolest white boy in R&B/Soul that you’ve never heard of until now. Refreshingly-soulful, he’ll soon flourish as mainstream Soul’s latest IT artist.

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    Allen Stone

    You’ve never heard a white boy SANG the way Allen Stone sang on “Unaware”—his breakthrough single. Yes, he looks like a complete dork (who rocks flip-flops in the snow) but he’s the absolute truth.

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