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The secret to ageless beauty is one of life’s greatest mysteries only known to the famous vampires, aliens and immortals on this list (and a few others). Whether eternal or adored by God, these age-defying celebs drink from the fountain of youth daily.

Here are the ten celebs who NEVER age. Take a look.


Baptized in the glittery waters of Lake Minnetonka, Purple Jesus is a ruffled silk blouse wearing-God among us insects, who, like every immortal on this list, can never age or die. Dislike Prince and his velvet body stockings? Impossible.

Sade Adu

At 54(00), Sade is either a stunning Alien, vampire, mixture of both or Goddess in human form with classic beauty that most older women envy. If a woman looks like Sade at 50, she’s truly blessed.


The 10th grader-faced super producer will probably be carded forever which is either the best or most annoying thing ever.

Stacey Dash

The centuries-old vampire has always played characters thousands of years younger than she really is, especially in “Clueless”—her only memorable movie role. And yes, ALL vampires are Republican.

Halle Berry

The barely-tolerable actress is easily the most stunning 46-year-old wacko on Earth. Whether she’s human or android, we may never know.


That moment when a mother hands her Nas posters down to her daughter and they both swoon together. At this point, Nasty Nas is the only iconic rapper with cross-generational sex appeal.

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Eternally-beautiful and regal, the famously-ageless supermodel looks amazing for a 57(00)-year-old being who may or may not be from the same planet as Sade.

LL Cool J

Forever moist-lipped and well-preserved, Uncle James has rocked mics for most of our lifetime. Why he refuses to sit his azz down somewhere and launch a formal Kangol line, we just don’t know.

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo went from doing the Roger Rabbit between “In Living Color” skits to Hollywood stardom without ever falling off. Name another 43-year-old woman who could stop time with one leg? You can’t.

Nia long

The 42-year-old beauty is just as gorgeous today as she was twenty years ago. It’s impossible for her premium level of Black to crack.




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