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People sure do love the suspect fashion of the rich and famous….

Celebrities We Can’t Believe People Dress Like

When we saw these celebrities in the beginning of their careers, we couldn’t imagine that fans would want to dress like them.

But lo and behold, it happens. These stars have become fashion icons despite the fact they dress like loonies most of the time. Still, people dress like them and they do get paid as a result so we can’t knock the hustle.

Nicki Minaj – She dresses like a big booties cartoon character, but she has a million barbz trying to be her anyway.

Lil Wayne – He has a whole damn clothing line for people who want to dress like a clown. And teenagers do it, too.

Wiz Khalifa – He’s trying to do the grown and high look, and the kids started doing that blonde streak too.

Lil Kim – She made super plastic surgery popular for people who hated looking like humans.

Kanye West – Remember when he had those dumb a$$ shades? People still bought them and couldn’t see a damn thing.

Russell Westbrook – We’ve still seen people with funny-colored glasses and flower shirts. Some of them are wannabe athletes too.

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Lady Gaga – We haven’t seen many meat shirts, but her outlandish style is catching on.

Jay-Z – He started in Hawaiian shirts and was a joke. Now he told us to wear button ups and plain tees and we ate it up.



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