Celebrities Who Couldn't Get Over Their Exes

No Shame: Celebrities Who Lusted After Exes In Public

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Celebrities Who Couldn’t Get Over Their Exes

It’s difficult to let exes go. If you’re in love and that love is gone, then finding a way to let it pass can be difficult. Especially with the world witnessing it. That’s why it’s even more embarrassing when celebrities pine for their exes in the public eye. They end up looking like total sad sacks.

These celebrities would know, since they’ve been the ones in the embarrassing predicaments of longing for their exes. Take a look at some people who long for their exes for all of us to see.

Joe Budden – He’s been lusting for Tahiry since they broke up and it’s only a matter of time before they just go ahead and get back together.

Drake – Rihanna must have had that snapback and bad news because Drizzy has wanted her ever since they had that one night stand.

Chris Brown – He’s missed the hell out of Rihanna and is overjoyed that they’re back together. It was only a matter of time, really.

Diddy – He made an “I Need A Girl” series based solely on J. Lo’s cakes. We don’t blame him.

Tiger Woods – He wants Elin back, bad. Losing half a billion will do that to a guy.

Kanye West- Sorry, Kim, but before you came along Yeezy was all over Alexis Phifer. He made 808s and Heartbreaks based on missing her.

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Rohan Marley – He just admitted to missing Lauryn so much it ruined his swirly marriage.

Karrueche – She misses the hell out of her meal ticket boo Chris Breezy and even liked a Breezy/Rih pic to get herself through it. Or something.

Kobe Bryant – When he didn’t have Vanessa…both times…he did everything in his power to keep her back, even tattooing special symbols for her on his arm.


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